By submitting your registration to CPR Chat, you agree to the following rules.

To make this chat decent & friendly and to avoid getting kick or ban, please follow given below rules (these rules are applicable to the chat room of home page on this site):


  • Indecency

    No direct or indirect indecency allowed, please have a decent conversation and use decent nick.

  • Sharing your information

    Sharing of personal email id, fb id or other such id is not allowed on main, in private share on your own risk as sharing such information to strangers is not safe. The one who just comes to get others id and asks the same in private then such person will be banned once someone complains about him/her.

  • Swearing

    Swearing is not allowed, swearing like DAMN, HELL, SHIT is okay.

  • Spamming

    Spamming is not allowed.

  • Other Sites Links

    Sharing name or link of other chat site, directly or indirectly, either on main or in private is not allowed.